Individual manufacturing

We manufacture exactly according to the customer's technical drawing. We discuss and fix the processing, after the formal approval is received, we are free to begin with the customer's ordered production.

Casting part

Iron casting, spheroid graphite iron, casting steel (max. weight up to 250kg per unit). We deliver the casting part included the machining and surface treatment for example powder coating or painting.

Forging part

Hot and cold forming, die mould forging, max weight up to 80 kg per unit. We can forge the part with die process and can else produce the large quantity with the cold press flow processing.

Stamping and bending part

We can deliver the part including the zinc plating and powder coating. The small or larger parts from sheet can be beveled on our bending machine.

Plastics part

Material PE, PA, PVC or the other material is deliverable. The products are for example, cover, cap and seal. We can produce the parts machined or with extruder process.

Welding part

Our welding operators are qualified and weld the part for trucker, silo and handling equipment.

Turning and milling part

Our machines are CNC turning machine, CNC milling machine and grinder machine. We can produce the precision turning and milling parts.